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IGERT   IGERT: Drexel and UPenn jointly hosted the Integrated Graduate Education and Research Traineeship in Nanoscale Science and Engineering. This joint effort between the two universities, funded by NSF, provided the best and brightest students with an opportunity to embark on research in the multidisciplinary field of nanotechnology. The Drexel/Penn IGERT program has concluded and is no longer accepting fellows; however, we encourage you to visit to find out more about the IGERT program nationwide.

USDE   GAANN: Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need
GANN-DREAM: (Drexel Research and Education in Advanced Materials) Provides support to Ph.D. students pursuing degrees in materials science and engineering with an emphasis on nanomaterials, biomaterials, and materials for nuclear applications.

International Programs

MESC   MESC: (Materials for Energy Storage Conversion) The program is a fully funded international joint master's program and has been awarded designation as an Erasmundus Mundus Master Course by the European Commission. MESC students will spend semester one at the Universite Paul Sabatier or at the Universite de Provence. Semester two will be spent at the Warsaw University of Technology. Semester three will be spent at the Universidad de Cordoba, or at the Universite de Picardie. In the fourth semester, MESC students will complete a master's thesis project at Drexel University, Xiamen University, or one of the European institutions.


Materials Camps   Materials Camp: Materials Campâ„  comprises a series of short lectures together with hands-on, interactive laboratory sessions; an industry visit (in 2010 the students visited the Boeing Helicopter plant in Chester, PA to see the Osprey assembly line); and a small "project activity" that runs throughout the week.

NSF   Drexel S-STEM Scholarship Program: Drexel's S-STEM (Scholarships in STEM) Program is funded by the National Science Foundation in the amount of $460,000 to support academically talented, financially needy students in the city of Philadelphia to earn B.S. degrees in Physics or Chemistry from Drexel University.

Teacher Outreach

RET   RET-NANO: Drexel, in coordination with the University of Pennsylvania, previously hosted an NSF Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) program called RET-NANO. At this time, we are no longer actively recruiting participants for the RET-NANO program. You can search for other RET programs by region at

Drexel's Current Energy-Related Courses

Drexel   Materials Science and Engineering Energy Related Courses:
MATE 240 - Thermodynamics of Materials
MATE 366 - Processing of Metallic Materials
MATE XXX - Electronic and Photonic Properties of Materials
MATE 450 - Materials in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
MATE XXX - Carbon Nanomaterials (YG)
MATE XXX - High Temperature Materials (MB)
MATE XXX - Smart Materials & Sensors
MATE XXX - Thermal Spray Technology (RK)
MATE 510 - Thermodynamics of Solids

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics Energy Related Courses:
MEM 345 – Heat Transfer (YC)
MEM 402 – Power Plant Design
MEM 403 – Gas Turbines & Jet Propulsion
MEM 405/705 – Principles of Combustion I & Combustion Theory I
MEM 406/706 – Principles of Combustion II & Combustion Theory II
MEM 413 – HVAC Loads
MEM 414 – HVAC Equipments
MEM 415 – Fuel Cell Engines (ECK)
MEM 440- Thermal Systems Design
MEM 612 – Convective Heat Transfer (YC)
MEM 707 – Combustion Theory III
MEM 714 – Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer (BF)
MEM 800 – Special Topics: Solar Energy Fundamentals and Applications

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