Electrochemical Double-Layer Capacitors (EDLC), widely-known as supercapacitors or ultracapacitors, are devices for fast and highly efficient storage of electric energy. Researchers at Drexel University are exploring ways to improve supercapacitor performance starting with selecting and optimizing advanced carbons as the electrode material (e.g., carbon onions, carbide-derived carbons, activated carbons) and matching electrolytes that can be used over a large voltage window (e.g., organic electrolytes, ionic liquids). Especially of importance for renewable energy sources is the high efficiency and stability of supercapacitors over hundreds of thousands of charge-discharge cycles. Drexel researchers work on a comprehensive combination of modeling and experimental studies to improve our basic understanding of the charge transfer and energy storage mechanisms and to adapt supercapacitors particularly for use in renewable energy systems. Together with national and international collaborators, Drexel's goal is to develop novel devices and technologies to meet the growing energy demands of our modern energy-dependent society.

Related Faculty:

Michel Barsoum Michel Barsoum
A. W. Grosvenor Professor
Material Science & Engineering Dept.
Office: LeBow 445

Gary Friedman Gary Friedman
Electical & Computer Engineering Dept.
Office: Bossone 510

Yury Gogotsi Yury Gogotsi
Associate Dean for Special Projects
Director, Nanotechnology Institute
Distinguished University and Trustee
Chair Professor
Material Science & Engineering Dept.
Office: CAT 383

Vibha Kalra Vibha Kalra
Assistant Professor
Chemical & Biological Engineering Dept.
Office: CAT 479

Robert Ramos Robert Ramos
Assistant Professor
Director, Drexel S-STEM
Scholarship Program
Physics Dept.
Office: Disque Hall 623

Kevin Shuford Kevin Shuford
Assistant Professor
Chemistry Dept.
Office: Stratton Hall 416

Representative Publications:

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  2. J. Chmiola, C. Largeot, P.-L. Taberna, P. Simon, Y. Gogotsi, Monolithic Carbide-Derived Carbon Films for Micro-Supercapacitors, Science, 238, 480-483 (2010)

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  5. J. Chmiola, G. Yushin, Y. Gogotsi, C. Portet, P. Simon, and P. L. Taberna, Anomalous Increase in Carbon Capacitance at Pore Sizes Less Than 1 Nanometer, Science, 313, 1760-1763 (2006)

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